marginalisation of Maharashtrians in Mumbai

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Dear Sir,
I am writing this in English for I am yet to master typing tamil fonts.

Pudhiya Madhavi has written exactly what I wanted to write. Though IIT Bombay is not the place where you meet the true sons of Maharashtra soil,
one could easily see the marginalisation of Maharashtrians in Mumbai.

It was easy for me to pick up spoken HIndi in Mumbai but not Marathi. I attended Marathi classes for sometime but could not pick it up. But I could pick up a fair amount of Kannada without attending any classes in Mysore.

Being a Maharashtrian in Mumbai, Bengali in Kolkata, Tamilian in Chennai
Kannadiga in Bengaluru is the only justified way to be an Indian.

I find kids from all states of India in Kalpakkam for whom speaking in
Tamil is the most natural thing to do. The situation is not analogous in Mumbai.

Ravi Srinivas might as well say that a new born child should have the right
to decide how much of mother’s feeding she should take.

While religion, caste, race and language can all be used to divide people,
language is the only thing which can also be used to unite people and for the running of a state, language alone cannot be ignored.

In a truely democratic society, the languages of the people should be used at all levels. The so called outsiders must learn the local language.


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