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Chelva Kanaganayakam

Dear Sir:

I am writing to bring to your notice a factual error in the news item that relates to the Iyal Viruthu ceremony that took place on 3rd June in Toronto to honor Mr. Tarcisius. This event was organized entirely by the Tamil Literary Garden and has no connection whatsoever with the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Toronto. I shall be thankful if you would make note of this correction.


Chelva Kanaganayakam
President/ Tamil Literary Garden


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கடிதம் : ஆங்கிலம்

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ஜோசப் நெல்சன்

I wish to bring to your attention the following facts:

TMB Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd., was established in the 1920s as NADAR BANK in Tuticorin and is one of the foremost private banks in India. Ask about its service to its customers in the Tuticorin belt, compared to other banks especially nationalised banks.It has nearly 200 Branches throughout the country.

You have ridiculed the Nadar community as only todday tappers …what is there to be ashamed of in that? They didn’t beg or robbed anybody! In my view, even if a person is doing a scavenging job, he is superior than the wealthiest businessman in the nation who is cheating the govt.,its employees etc.

In my view, if people are classified in this manner: People with good and higher qualities are higher castes and vice versa. SC/ST people will become higher castes and vice versa.

The words in your letter: “If you donot allow us inside your temple or educational institutions, we will build our own and use them”….these words only show the growing confidence and self respect of Nadars!

You were lamenting about the Nadar tag in christian nadar names. I agree that that should be avoided. But there are savarimuthupillais and anthonysamy pillais as well! May be in southern districts that too in rural areas old people may be feeling proud in attaching Nadar tag to their names. New generation is not interested in such things as in any other community.

I will send your letter to Daily thanthi, Rani & Devi weeklies etc (to my friends) and ask them to publish a befitting reply.

You & thinnai will feel for long for your dubious letter.

I am also sending this to Nadar associations and prepare adequate responses


(தயவு செய்து கடிதங்களை தமிழில் எழுதுமாறு கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறோம். – திண்ணை குழு)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following the debates between different folks.. Anti-Hindutvadi

Karpagavinayagam and Hindutvadis Aravindhan and Malarmannan if I am allowed

to use the term ‘Hindutvadi ‘..

I am interested in knowing the viewpoints of Karpagavinayagam on the

Viswanath temple demolition by Aurangazeb after the story about the Hindu

queen ‘s molestation was proved to be a hoax by Aravindan.. Maybe a link to

his rejoinder would be enough. I have not seen a reply on that issue (Maybe

I missed it..)

Also I have read his latest on debunking Barathi. While it is important to

do research on old heroes and figure out if they are really worth the

propaganda, I think ‘direct ‘ quotes from their works / teachings provide a

stronger proof than narrating hearsay stories like in the case of Viswanath


I am all for finding out the truth whether they be freedom fighters /

religious prophets..




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ஆனந்த் சுப்பிரமணியன்

There is no need use the wits to understand why Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayagannar chooses to write whatever comes to his mind without having to worry about its authenticity. One would use their judgment and intelligence only when they feel responsible for what they say or write. But the likes of Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganar does not entangle themselves to these kind of nonsensical attributes. Waste of time, you see. The art of conning the people this way for the past several years have borne the fruits so far and why should you shun these time-tested methods ? Go ahead Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganare, do not stop, the ‘meiporul ‘ will anyway get established by others. They have some nonsensical trait called ?Responsibility ?.

Our Manbumigu Karpaga Vianayagannar had asked for the details of my maternal father ‘s ‘Kula Deivam ‘ and it is as below.

Located at : Moolangudi near Kuzhumani village in Trichy district. Some 6 – 8 Kms from Trichy Mainguard gate bus stand via Woraiyur.

Name of the temple : Moolangudi temple, Swami ‘s name : Neelamegam (Nothing to do with ‘Krishnan ‘, Ada Kadavule !!!), Amman: Kulunthalayee

Poosari ‘s name: Thiru. Manickam

Thiru Ku. Pa. Krishnan, ex- Minister, current leader of Tamizhar Bhoomi party is one of the patron of this temple.

Hope Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganar will see the ‘Meiporul ‘ in this. I know it is too much to expect. Still one remains with hope.

Truth can be only one.


Anand Subramanian J


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Only after finding Malar Mannan is back, I heaved a happy sigh. I am not a RSS; I am an agnostic.

But I find Malarmannan ‘s writings closer to truth than Karpagavinayagam ‘s.

Religious fanatics have no difference in majority or minority and we find the latter more organised.

I had similar doubts whether Gandhi uttered the famous last words ‘Hey Ram ‘ and after reading Malarmannan, I am enlightened.

Hope to hear more from him.



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With ref to the letters written by Thiru.KarpagaVinayagam and Thiru.Kundalakesi

Iam sharing my opinions below.

Thiru.Kundalakesi told that the person who is writing any incident he has to put the supporting documents for the incident, not others.(with ref. to Thiru.Malarmannan article)

if we need to send supportive documents for all the incidents(because what is gurantee that others will belive all incidents are true or not)

it is not at all possible in practical.

so far i have seen two times Thiru.Karpagavinayakam asked sorry for wrong information. I dont think Thiru.Malarmannan did the same.

Hence Thiru.Kundalakesi can ask Thiru.Karpagavinayakam to send supportive documents.

With ref. to the letter written by Thiru.Karpagavinayakam (Ambedkarin Madham kur itha sindhanaigal)

he has quoted that Vijayabharatham (Tamil National weekly) wrote in its thalaiyangam as follows ‘ Edhuvum adhan adhan idathil irukka veandum. Panippagarvin adippadaiyum idhudhaan ‘ with ref to the judgement given by Supreme court for the issue that non brahims can come as archagar if they are capable

if he able to quote the wordings written by Vijayabharatham why can ‘t he give the supportive details of vijayabharatham. atleast date and year.

I belive Vijayabharatham will not write in that way.Can Thiru.Karpagavinayagam give me the details.

I feel Thiru.Karpagavinayagam is loosing his credebility.




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Dear Editor,

I am thanking you from my heart of hearts for clearing the confusion about Sri.MalarMannan ‘s continuity in Thinnai. As you have rightly mentioned, the D.K writer Sri.Karpaga Vinayagam was indulging in personal abuse. It may be an accepted practice in the Dravida Pasarai , but not among well-behaved and cultured like Sri.MalarMannan.

IMO, Karpaga Vinayagam is a rabble rouser and follows the tactics of Dravida Kazhagam. Please have an eye on him. If you see his writing carefully, that gentleman does not have creativity and originality. Most of the times, he keeps responding and issuing negativities to other ‘s writings.

I am once again thanking you profusely for freeing Sri. Malarmannan from the baseless charges.



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Dear Editor,

Thanks for the Announcement to restrict the writers

not to blame others personally, and inviting Mr.

Malarmannan to resume again. But still it seems, Mr.

Karpaga Vinayagam writes so many things with false

twisting. You must have seen Mr. Arvind Neelakandan ‘s

article for the same. Why don ‘t you restrict Mr.

Karpaga Vinayagam ‘s articles carrying wrong

informations ?

I request Mr. Malarmannan to resume his contributions

to us, young Indians.

Thanking you,




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ஆனந்த் சுப்ரமணியன்

Dear Editor

I have been reading the articles of Karpaga Vinayagam for a while and it seems he is hell-bent on distorting the facts everytime he pens something. His only agenda seems to be ‘Hindu-Bashing ‘ and his articles are of devoid of facts and full of empty claims.

For example, his contention of Mahakavi Bharathiar showing his brahminical leanings by writting ‘kadannaiyum, madanaiyum kumbidum moodargal ‘ and by this, Bharathiar has lowered the dignity of non-brahmins, cannot be more far from the truth. Malar Mannan gave a reply citing Chellamma Bharathi ‘s assertion that one of the ‘ellai deivams ‘ is the ‘Kula Deivam ‘ for Bharathiar ‘s mother and Bharathi has never ever belittled the so called ‘Kadans & Madans ‘. It is a classic case of using the phrases out of context which in turn would distort the facts. I am a Brahmin and my maternal Grand Father ‘s ‘Kula Deivam ‘ is a ‘Grahma Ellai kaval deivam ‘ called ‘Neela megam ‘ who can be equated to the ‘Kadans & Madan ‘s ‘. I know several Brahmin families whose Kula Deivams are these Grahma Devathais and for most of them the offerings are such as the Eggs and other non-vegetarian stuff which, are not normally consumed by the Brahmins. I have seen these offerings made by Brahmin family themselves through the ‘Poosari ‘s ‘.

Let this Karpaga Vinayagam learn the facts before he starts writting. He seems to consider the articles of ‘Viduthalai ‘, ‘Murasoli ‘ etc to back his arguements. If the so called news items / articles published in these newspapers becomes a recording in the history, then let Karpaga Vinayagam ‘s ‘God ‘, I am sorry, most likely the ‘Nature ‘ saves us.


Anand Subramanian J

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அன்பு எஸ் சுப்ரமணியன்

Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader for www.thinnai.com.

I want Mr.Malarmannan to continue his writings in

www.thinnai.com. I personally belive that the truth

should be recorded with out any religious,social bias.

We should encourage both Mr.Malarmanan and Mr.Karpaga

Vinayagam to write the facts without any personal


When we start personalise things and start abusing

others then it will be fish market. We want

www.thinnai.com to be an information center where we

can get the facts in History.

Please set some standards and encourage more people to

write about history,politics, social problems etc..


Anbu S Subramanian


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Dear Editor,

Please stop the writers attacking personally against

other writers in Thinnai. I felt very sad on reading

the article by Mr. Malarmannan in the last issue.

Karpaga Vinayagam can ask for proof of the matters

written by Mr. Malarmannan, but he does not have any

rights to blame him by claiming that his matters are

lie/bluff/cheat. And you have to restrict this sort of

writers in Thinnai. Mr. Malarmannan is such a treasure

for us, but because of Karpaga Vinayagam and you, we

now loose his contribution in Thinnai.

Please do the needful immediately for Mr.

Malarmannan ‘s resuming his contribution to Thinnai.


Thanking you,




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Dear Sir,

This is with reference to Mr.Malarmannan ‘s recent article in which he has announced that he is goint to stop writing in Thinnai. Please note, we , the present generation people have only this kind of source to know the real history which is normally suppressed by the political parties for reasons better known to them.

Mr. Malarmannan ‘s articles were informative/interesting/to the point. If he decides to stop contributing then it is a loss to people like us. I hereby request you to set up a code of conduct for people who are reacting to these kind of articles. They should not indulge in personal attacks with lies and bluffs. If at all if they want to present their views there is a method to it.. You cannot blame Mr.Malarmannan if the history was so.. You cannot change history just because you dont like it that way..

I request you to do something so that we can have the opportunity of reading Mr.MM ‘s articles.. Hope you will do the needful.



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சியாமளா சத்தியசீலன்


I just read the above story by Albert, a good adaptation of the story going around in email for years together now. I just would like to mention, because it is an adaptation, it would be nice if a credit had been given to someone or even just a mention made somewhere about this being adapted.




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Dear Editor,

Anna came to pacify the students at the Madras Medical College (did not go

to the hostel as claimed) thanks to Dr. R.Subramanian ‘s (RS),our dean,

cunningness. I was a student at that time, and RS double crossed us with

the help of Anna—The MSTD (Madras State Transport Dept)drivers and

conductors were 100% at fault and for no reason they attacked us…none of

them were punished…My class mate Paraschand of ooty survived with a head

injury while many had broken bones etc…Anna maybe good but he should have

taken some actions against the staff of MSTD.



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மலர் மன்னன்

Dear Editor,

Plese permit me to record my profound grief on the demise of Sri Sundara Ramaswami, as I came to know about it only through ‘Thinnai. ‘

It is shocking to realise that Sundara Ramaswami will no longer be amidst us physically. I ‘m sad the literary world misearably failed to give him due recognition. I ‘m unable to contain my anger when I remember that NOT even the so called Sahitya Academy Award was conferred on him, even though it was rightly due to him four decades earlier!

We remained good friends for several years, despite difference of opinion on many issues. It was his house where I could safely and comfortably hide without warranting suspicion during my days of ‘underground. ‘ Though he did NOT subscirbe to my stand, he did NOT turn me down , when I wanted a place to stay secretly and work, because he considered friendship was the matter to be given priority on such occasions. He did NOT leak out even to his family members that I was ‘underground, ‘ with a govt. order directing me to leave Kanya Kumari District or subject to arrest, as he thought it would unnecessarily create tensions. And he did NOT hesitate even for a second to take me in, prepared to face any consequences.

Sundara Ramaswami will always live with us, communicate with us all through his poems, fiction and non-fiction.

As I have neither the wherewithal nor the practice, I ‘m writing this in English, instead of Tamil. Please excuse.




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மலர் மன்னன்

மலர் மன்னன்

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