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கடிதம் – ஆங்கிலம்

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ஆனந்த் சுப்பிரமணியன்

There is no need use the wits to understand why Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayagannar chooses to write whatever comes to his mind without having to worry about its authenticity. One would use their judgment and intelligence only when they feel responsible for what they say or write. But the likes of Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganar does not entangle themselves to these kind of nonsensical attributes. Waste of time, you see. The art of conning the people this way for the past several years have borne the fruits so far and why should you shun these time-tested methods ? Go ahead Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganare, do not stop, the ‘meiporul ‘ will anyway get established by others. They have some nonsensical trait called ?Responsibility ?.

Our Manbumigu Karpaga Vianayagannar had asked for the details of my maternal father ‘s ‘Kula Deivam ‘ and it is as below.

Located at : Moolangudi near Kuzhumani village in Trichy district. Some 6 – 8 Kms from Trichy Mainguard gate bus stand via Woraiyur.

Name of the temple : Moolangudi temple, Swami ‘s name : Neelamegam (Nothing to do with ‘Krishnan ‘, Ada Kadavule !!!), Amman: Kulunthalayee

Poosari ‘s name: Thiru. Manickam

Thiru Ku. Pa. Krishnan, ex- Minister, current leader of Tamizhar Bhoomi party is one of the patron of this temple.

Hope Manbumigu Karpaga Vinayaganar will see the ‘Meiporul ‘ in this. I know it is too much to expect. Still one remains with hope.

Truth can be only one.


Anand Subramanian J


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ஆனந்த் சுப்பிரமணியன்