Saiva Conference 2004 Youth Forum

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Archway Murugan Temple 10.07.04 15.00-17.00


Unite young Saivaites in the UK

Enable youths to have a new look at Saivaism

Enable them to understand the basic principles of Saivaism (“Love is God”) and apply them in their lives

Relate Saivaism with science

Programme details:

Search, Share and Enrich – An Awakening Forum for young Saivaites

Brief introduction on Saiva Sithantham

Debate by youths

Topics for debate

“Religious rituals, customs and festivals are more important than prayer and morality; they are the only true way to reach God.” –30 minutes

“Our religion and temples will die out soon without being passed onto future generations.” -30 minutes

“Worshipping Shiva as the ultimate God is unnecessary for Saivites; we can worship any person or entity we choose to.” –30 minutes

Details about debate

Language: English

No of speakers for each topic: Total 10; 5 on each side (for and against)

Duration: Each speaker will talk for 3 minutes


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Archway Murugan Temple 10.07.04 15.00-17.00

Archway Murugan Temple 10.07.04 15.00-17.00