SAMANE- An appeal

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Mahila Jagruthi.

Dear friend,

Mahila Jagruthi has been working amongst women in slums and women students

in colleges and hostels catering mainly to girls from lower economic strata

in various towns of karnataka for the past six years.

Gradually the organisation has been able to expand to five different

districts namely Shimoga, Chikmagalur, Kolar and Belgaum apart from

Bangalore. We have also just started extending our work to villages around

the towns. The organisation lays special stress on involving and promoting

girls/women from dalit and backward sections and also from minority groups.

In the course of our work we have found that in general people from poor

economic and social status have little opportunity for formal education or

for any larger exposure that could lead to a finer understanding of the

reasons for oppressive conditions under which they survive. This is more so

for young girls. They are quickly forced into exploitative labour. Their

life is often restricted to a choiceless marriage, care of children and the

old in an undemocratic, highly discriminative family structure.

Many a times we have been painfully watching young, bright, active girls

lacking any proper guidance or direction fall a prey to cosmetic-consumerist

culture, shallow love affairs, sexual violence of sorts and/or being


by exploitative labour processes which simply draw all their energy and time

ultimately fitting them into set patterns of subjugation. The same girls,

given the opportunity and exposure, could have turned into firm, bold women

who would fight their way through life.

This is what has prompted us to form a small commune (SAMANE) for girls from

basically poor oppressed castes in backward regions. We have decided to

start with 6 to 10 girls all of whom have been associated with the

organisation in a small way, who have difficulties in the family environment

and who have participated in one or more of Mahila Jagruthi Campaigns. The

commune is meant mainly for girls of 10 years and above or students from 5th

standard onwards. The students shall attend school or college but will at

the same time be provided with opportunities to develop certain sensitivity

to the realities around, social and political consciousness through regular

meetings, discussions and practical work amongst the people. They will be

encouraged to be assertive, to gather a deeper understanding of life and

society, to face all challenges and in the process learn to be courageous

and committed to the needs of oppressed women/people.

SAMANE will have active links with Mahila Jagruthi, but will have an

independent legal identity. We propose to form a trust consisting of at

least seven women members or more from Karnataka. We are in the process of

meeting the concerned. We plan to lease a simple king of accommodation with

a large Haas and kitchenette. All the basic necessities for the SAMANE shall

be mobilised from well wishers to the extent possible. All members of SAMANE

shall contribute an hour ‘s labour every morning to carry out the day-to-day

work. Mahila Jagruthi activists shall take the overall responsibility to

ensure the smooth and efficient functioning. We have enthusiastically


many different activities for the young members which shall sharpen their

creative and analytical abilities.

Of course, for all this to be realised in full, funds are a must. As per our

calculations the initial investment will come up to Rs.120000/-. The

recurring monthly expenditure will be Rs.1000/- per member, (Which will

include her food, fees, bus charges and other miscellaneous expenditure).

The girls, parents have been requested to share responsibility by sending

what best they can by way of grains or cash. But the real help has to come

from friends who support such cause.

We request you kindly to donate funds for the initial expenditure involved

and also to sponsor the monthly expenditure of at least one girl in half or

full as may fit your budget. We assure you that proper accounts shall be

maintained for all the amounts received. A copy of audited accounts will be

sent to all donors/sponsors from time to time. we will also keep all the

contributors informed about the progress of SAMANE. You are also very much

welcome to visit ‘SAMANE ‘, offer your suggestions and participate in every

possible way in the promotion of the same.

Kindly also see if you can donate any of the following:

Gas stove,Cooker, Big cooking vessels, Plates/Glasses, Mixie/Grinder, Other

Kitchen items, Knives/Scissors etc,

School Bags, School Books/Note Books, Umbrellas, Tiffin Carriers, Children

Shoes/clothes, Books for the library(Kannada and English only)

Papers/Pens/Pencils Writing boards.

Ceiling Fans, Cupboards, Wall clock,Tube lights/Bulbs, Emergency light,

large mats/Jamkhana.

Please let us know the most that you can do for the proposed commune at the


Thank you,

Mahila Jagruthi.

Please send you letters to the following address:

Mahila Jagruthi#29, 2nd Cross, 2nd Main,

.Hosahalli, Vijaya Nagar,

Bangalore- 560 040.


Send your donations to our treasurer-

Sushma a/c no SBI 01190024908

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Mahila Jagruthi.

Mahila Jagruthi.