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Sri Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple

Sri Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple
Vasundra Enclave, East Delhi.


(to be performed by Sri Somaskanda Sastrigal)

Please assemble at temple complex by 6.50 am on August 23rd and 6.50am on August 24th. It is appealed that in order to save time, devotees may finish “Kamokarishi Japam at home and then visit the temple.

Items required for Upakarma: Small quantity of rice, gud, black til, coconut, banana, beetal leafs and nuts, ghee, Panchapatram & Uthirani and Tambalam.

Those who want to perform “Thalai Avaniavittam” may please contact temple priest Tel. 22627778, Mob No.9810485448.

I am so delighted to inform all devotees that we have received the blessings from HH Sankaracharya Swamigal and other experts/Shivacharyars to hold the Kumbabhisekham of the newly constructed Sri Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple, Vasundhara Enclave, East Delhi ON AUGUST 29, 2010.

ALL DEVOTEES ARE REQUESTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS LONG AWAITED EVENT that will be a three day programme starting from Friday, August 27, 2010 and the main Kumbabhisekham will be held on Sunday August 29, 2010 between 7 to 7.30 hours followed by Manadala Pooja… Please contact the temple authorities for detailed information.

I take this opportunity to thank all the devotees for your overwhelming support towards this dream project that is bound to become the biggest landmark in East Delhi, particularly to Vasundhara Enclave.

DEAR DEVOTEES – Now that more than 90% of the construction work is completed, and we hardly have a month’s time for the kumbabhisekam, we require around 10 lakhs to complete the final stages of constructions and to hold the Kumbabhisekam in a grand manner. This cannot be achieved without your kind support. Hence, may I request your generous contribution/support for the for this noble cause. All donations made to the temple is exempt from tax deductions under 80G.
If you are not already aware, the new building will have a hall in the ground floor for conducting religious functions, dining hall in the 1st floor and staff quarters and office in the second floor, at the back of the temple. Besides the main sanctrum for Lord Ganesha, there will be separate Sannidhis for Lord Shiva/parvathi, Sashtha, Karthik, Hayagreevar, Hanuman and Navagrahas. We will also have Gostha Devata’s Vishnu, Durga, Dakshinamurthy (Guru), Nritya Ganapathi and Brahma. The huge maha-mandapam in the front will have Ashta Lakshmi and the Vimanams and mahagopuram (33ft.) is likely to have more than 125 idols.

Donation cheque(s) may be issued in favour of Vasundhara Enclave Sarveswara Samaj (Regd.), or VESS (Regd.). For further details, please call the temple’s Phone No.22627778 or the undersigned.

We urge everyone not only to donate as much as you can, but also to request other devotees to lend a hand in getting this long awaited temple construction successfully completed.

For Vasundhara Enclave Sarveswara Samaj (Regd.)

R.K. Vasan, President (9810730983)

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Sri Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple

Sri Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple