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Kargil Jay

Dear Sir,
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Mr. Vijayan, being an advocate surprised me by claiming the Supreme
court’s rule as ‘funny’.

He is an advocate and he knows that the case is pending in Supreme
and therefore TN Govts strike in the meantime was absolutely unlawful.
But he writes against Supreme court and claims that Supreme court
questioning central Govt (w.r.t dismissing TN Govt) is crossing its
limits. By law supreme court can even recommend the dismissal of the
central Govt and Prime minister himself to the President of India.

When TN Govt indirectly still held the strike and had 75% of shops
closed is illegal after being ruled against by the Supreme court,
certainly it did not obey the supreme court’s order. When 75% of
Tamilnadu is affected deliberately by TN Govt, why should not supreme
court recommend dismissal?

It is very unfortunate that a lawyer propagate incorrect information
about law itself.

With best regards,
Kargil Jay


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