To Kill a Mockingbird

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Harper Lee’s highly regarded and eminently successful first novel
has been artfully and delicately translated to the screen.

Robert Mulligan’s
To Kill a
Screening will be followed by 20 minutes documentary
with director Robert Mulligan, Gregory Peck and others

13th June 2010 5.45pm PERKS MINI THEATER

Temporal Abodes:
Photographs from the Wild
The Wildlife Photography Exhibition
Contemplate Arts Initiative is hosting a wildlife photo exhibition in July. Participation is open to the residents of Coimbatore. All photographers, amateur or professional, are invited to participate. For details and regulations email
Last date : June 15th
Both amateurs and professionals photographers can take part.
Send your Images of wild animals, birds, insects, wild flowers and wild landscapes. (Do not send images of pets, domestic animals, cultivated plants and common house pests.)
Photographers are requested to send a portfolio containing five of their best images. The minimum size should be not less than 8 x 10”. Prints should not be mounted or laminated
All entries should be titled properly. All prints should carry complete address (in block letters ) with mobile and alternative phone numbers. E-mail address & complete address is to be written on the reverse side of the print. (Avoid ball point pen or sketch pens). Use only intelligible CD mate/marker pen.
All entries should be securely packed and sent through registered post or through courier service. Prints can also be delivered in person at the following address:-
The Uffizi,
Rajshree Ford
338, Avanashi Road,

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