About low standard of TamilNadu state board science text books.

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Dhanabalan Shanmugam

Respected Sir,

i have read Tamilavan ‘s article on usage of non academic Tamil in Humanities leading to deterioration of the language standard and the field.

I like to bring to your kind notice about a problem in school science curriculum since iam a science research scholar.If we compare the textbooks of both CBSE and TNSB one will have a very bad impression on the state board science text books.Though it is said that the syllabus is upgraded regularly, nothing else has been done to raise the standard of these books (which are incomplete in many ways).On the contrary, NCERT textbooks prepared for CBSE school students are very good books.They are self explainatory and self reliable with lot of examples and illustrations.Because due care is taken to prepare those study materials.So a student can get a very good knowledge on the subject by learning those books.Only minimal help is needed from the teacher and superiors.

But as far as state board text books are concerned, lot of teacher help is needed to learn and master them.Nowadays many teachers lack service mindedness.And many students who undergo state board education system are from lower middle class and bottom strata of the society.

Lakhs of girls and boys are undertaking school education in the state.Care taken to prepare study materials or textbooks is not enough.Lot of labour and processes should be put in to prepare standard text books.Scholars should be invited to donate materials and ideas for textbooks and experienced academicians should indulge in preparation. Other wise the knowledge acquired by students on a particular subject will only be of a handicapped one.India is a developing country and many students stop their education after tenth and plus two.For a country like this, good knowledge in basic or elementary science is essential for citizens.So I request you to kindly consider this.Thank you.


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