Letter sent to The Indian Embassy Bangkok Thailand

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Govindarajan Karuppaian

Dear Friends

I dont have access to tamilfonts typing.
hence writing this in english.

Here, in Bangkok, Aug15th was celebrated at The Indian Embassy Bangkok Thailand.
with the english message from President, songs and cultural events were performed.
Apart from English and Hindi, they played songs only in Telugu,Bengali, Marathi.

I dont know,
a) Under what category they selected the three languages ( other than english and Hindi)
b) why they ignored Tamil
c) Infact Tamilnadu has a big contribution to Indian Independence ( mentioned in the below letter to the Con. Gen. )
d) Tamils are the only race from India , whose names you can see in the River Kwai Cemetry.

Not able to withstand this insult i have written to the Con. Gen of Indian Embassy at Bangkok with CC to President and Ministry of
external affairs.
Yet get reply from the embassy.

Go through the letter, and if you feel iam right, kindly send the below letter to the address given at the bottom and to all you friends.

If someone could send to Kanimozhi, Dr.Ramdoss, i will be grateful.

Letter sent to indian Consulate Bangkok

Dear Madam

It was a great moment to pass through the date 15/Aug/2007

The below is with the reference to the Independence day event at
Consulate of India, Bangkok , Thailand.

I got upset that only few languages songs were played apart from
the National Language Hindi.

Being from a State were two great things happened in the Freedom
movement history ,
1. Mahatma Gandhi decided to wear the dress of the ordinary Indian
only at Madurai in Tamilnadu.
The house where he changed his first dress is still a place of worship
in Madurai.

2. For INA ( Indian National Army by Shri.Netaji ) , lot of people
joined at the guidance of the great patriot Shri.Muthuramalinga Devar
from Madurai. Tamilnadu.

Being such a state , why a song in Tamil was not considered…?

> Also, we all know how much others contributed to Freedom movement.

If a decision was taken to play songs in languages other than our
National language why TAMIL was NOT CONSIDERED.

FOR WHAT REASONS, only those languages were alone CONSIDERED…?

I would be greatful to get a reply on this from you.

To add the importance of TAMILs with THAILAND, read the below.

We all know about the painful story of “Bridge across River KWAI”

1,50,000 people were forced to death in building the bridge across River
Kwai, by Japan.

If you visit the Cemetry and the Museum on this , ( adjacent to the
Cemetry ), you will find the details about various country / race people
who were killed on this.
Among those you will find “TAMILS” . ( no other people from india
listed… ) In support of Shri Nethaji all these Tamils came from Ramnad
District in Tamilnadu to Singapore and joined the INA.

( Our people were brave to sacrifice ourself to protect India )

These TAMILS were captured by Japanese and they got killed in the Brige
Building process.
If Indian Consulate , in Thailand, doesnt know this history, atleast let
them not degrade TAMILS.

Jai Hind


( Sender Name )

Please Note
You can send this to the email ID of Indian embassy at Bangkok, Thailand, “INDIAEMB@mozart.inet.co.th”
with CC to the below addresses of our President and Ministry of External Affairs (mea)
and to your fellow people


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Govindarajan Karuppaian

Govindarajan Karuppaian