”Human rights in Sri Lankan Tamil Literature” – London on Sept 23rd-24th 2006

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”Human rights in Sri Lankan Tamil Literature”

The 33rd European Tamil Literary Conference in London
(‘Ilakkiya Santhippu’)

In partnership with London Tamil Literary Forum & University of East London

The 33rd European Tamil Literary Conference is to be held in London on Sept 23rd-24th 2006 at the University of East London.
The topic is human rights in Sri Lankan Tamil writing, with particular attention to marginalised people such as refugees, Dalith (‘untouchables’), women and children, and to Muslim literature.
The annual Literary Conference is a prestigious international event, with different countries vying to host it. This is only the second time London has hosted the conference since the first conference in Germany in 1988.

Authors, editors, journalists and human-rights activists who fled Sri Lanka in 1983 after the pogroms against Tamils were determined to promote independent Tamil writings and arts in Europe. A new form of writing ‘Puhalida Ilakkiyam’ (‘Exile Writing’) arose, which linked experiences of persecution in Sri Lanka and the challenges refugees face in Europe. It was often a form of dissent from both Government and LTTE atrocities, which cost one writer, Mr Salbalingam from Paris, his life in 1994.

Participants from North America, Europe, Sri Lanka, India and Britain will attend the two-day conference. During the day there will be speakers, debates and readings in Tamil. After 6.30p.m., non-Tamil speakers are invited to attend cultural events, including screenings of short films, and performances by a dance troupe and theatre groups.

It is highly appropriate that Britain at last hosts another conference, especially within the London Borough of Newham, There are approximately 180,000 Tamils in the U.K, of whom 8-10,000 live in Newham – many of whom have close links with UEL. The first language, cultural, music and dance schools of the Tamil diaspora started in London, and the first Tamil literary publications originated here.
We want our guests from Europe, Sri Lanka and India to enjoy the demographic diversity and multicultural living of the East End. The Borough exemplifies the Conference’s own aspiration to include all Tamils, regardless of their caste, religion, colour, gender or sexual orientation, and our opposition to any narrow party political interests and intolerances.

To attend the Conference or cultural events please contact:

Rajes Bala 0208 889 7827, rajesbala@hotmail.com

K.K.Rajah 0208 470 7883, 07956 490 694, chanthippu33@aol.com

The Venue: The Great Hall, University of East London, Stratford Campus, Romford Rd, Stratford,
London E 15

The Dates and Time:
23.09.06: 9.30 am -21.30pm
24.09.06: 9.30.am – 20.30pm

Transport: Stratford tube (Central or North London lines), Buses 25, 86

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