Europe Movies Festival

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We are writing to you with regards to the Europe Movies Festival to be held on 15th February 2003 in Switzerland and March 2003 in London. The festival seeks to showcase a diverse portfolio of short films and create opportunities to talented filmmakers and artists within the community.

We realise that your media is a well-respected and exceptionally committed media group. Your efforts in promoting knowledge and talents within the community is a remarkable contribution to all.

Similarly, the Europe Movies festival seeks to promote and flourish creative artists and filmmakers, and to unfold compelling and thought provoking films. This challenging venture is organised only for only one reason – to promote creativity, innovation and opportunity to all in film making.

In order to assist us in promoting this challenging venture, we will greatly appreciate if you could promote this festival in Your media, so that interested persons will be able to take part in the festival. Your participation in this project will assist us all in achieving the prime focus of this venture – that is to create opportunities to all. Should you require more information about the festival please visit our website

Your assistance and co-operation are greatly appreciated, and we are glad that Newslanka is part of this challenging venture.

Thank you

Yours faithfully


For Europe Movies Festival

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