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Tamilnadu Thiraippada Iyakkam,
Federation of Film Societies of India (TSLO)
National Folklore Support Centre
Jointly present

World Cinema

6.00 P.M.: Frida

Paul Leduc / Spain / 1984 / Col / 105 Min


6.00 P.M.: Artemisia
Agnes Meriet / France / 1997 / Col / 95 Minary

The most prominent female painter of Latin America, Frida
Kahlo, is agonizing in her Coyoac�n home. She evokes memories of
her childhood, of the streetcar accident that caused her terrible pain
and affliction, her friendship with Trotsky and painter Alfaro
her marriage to Diego Rivera, her miscarriage, her political
commitment, her love affairs and the anticipated exhibition of her
works. This film is a chronicle of painter Frida Kahlo, and her
encounter with the personalities of her time. Despite being
confied to a wheelchair as a result of polio, operations and
amputations, she faces and traces some of the most colorful and
controversial aspects of Mexican history, during the dominant time
of Mexican muralism.

The untold true story of an extraordinary woman.
Sexy. Defiant. Provocative. Her passion for art changed
the face of history.
Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) was one of the first wellknown
Female painters. The movie tells the story of her youth,
when she was guided and protected by her father, the painter
Orazio Gentileschi (Michel Serrault). Her professional curiosity
about the male anatomy, forbidden for her eyes, led her to the
knowledge of sexual pleasure. But she was also well known
because in 1612 she had to appear in a courtroom because her
teacher, Agostino Tassi, was suspected of raping her. She tried
to protect him, but was put in the thumb screws…
A romantic drama about the 17th century italian artist
Artemisia Gentileschi, the first woman in western art to be
recognised officially by the guilds as a painter and the central
figure in a notorious rape trial. By far the most striking element of
this film is the smorgasbord of sensual imagery. From the rustic,
artistic sets to the rich costumes to the extremely textural shots
of skin this one just screams �Touch Me�. The camera work is
spot on and draws the viewer into the mise en scene completely
unawares of what is happening to him or her. Very seductive.

The message of the film is quite simply that art conquers all.
Love certainly doesn�t and lust is portrayed in an at times farcical
manner. In particular the artists orgy scene viewed with delirious
humour through the window by our herioine (Artemisia) and the
troubling sex scene with her teacher both reinforce the pain,
and the bestiality of the sex act.
It�s not surprising that her mature work dealt with violent
acts of revenge and holy sacrifice in light of what she went through
The shots of skin, sea, sand, canvas and paint dominate this
film as the director attempts to create a living canvas on the screen.
For the most part this is what is achieved.
The dialogue and plot are almost arbitrary to the dominance
of the images, and as such this is an almost edible and tactile piece
of work.

Venue: Indian School of Folklore
(Academic Wing of National Folklore Support Centre)

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