Survey of Tamil Internet Use

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General Information



Place of birth:

Place of residence:


Yearly income:


Level of education:

Are you currently a student ?

At what level ?

What is your first language ?

Second ?

INTERNET (please feel free to comment or elaborate on any answers)

Is your site in Tamil ? English ? other ?

What do you hope to accomplish through the Internet ?

Do you think it is effective in accomplishing that goal ?

Who are you trying to reach ?

What is you estimate of the number of readers/participants you have at your site ?

Which aspects of Tamil sites do you think are most important ?

a. Communication with other Tamils around the world

b. Tamil literature and culture

c. Politics

d. Tamil Eelam

e. History

f. Other____________________

Which do are the most widely used ?

Does the Internet enhance Tamil unity around the world ?

Additional comments:

TAMIL EELAM (the following questions are for leaders/site managers involved in the struggle for Tamil Eelam)

How would you describe your involvement in the cause of Tamil Eelam ?

How do you think the Internet can benefit the cause ?

Has the Internet increased awareness of the Tamil Eelam cause ?

Has the Internet affected your level of activism regarding Tamil Eelam ?

If so, how ?

Have you used the Internet to communicate with people inside Sri Lanka or the area of Tamil Eelam ?

Have you ever used the Internet to lobby political leaders ?

within Sri Lanka ?

India ?

Other countries ?

Do you use the Internet to organize meetings ?

demonstrations ?

actions ?

fund raising ?

If so, has this method of organization been successful ?

More than other methods ?

Is the Internet crucial to you work ?


Thank you for your time and participation!

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  Thinnai May 18 2000


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