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கடிதம் ஆங்கிலம்

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சோனா எம்

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the letter ‘Bharathi Darsanam ‘by Mr. KV.

I feel sorry for Mr. Karpaga Vinayagam ?s (KV) single track minded approach. I hope he will remove his blinders and take a wholistic approach to historical facts. Bharathi was one of the greatest poets of India. Mr. KV raise some major complaints about Bharathi. First he complains about the reasons for Bharathi ?s mustache!. Secondly, he complains about Bharathi saying that how being a Brahmin was difficult for him in the prison. Thirdly, he even complains about Bharathi ?s integrity of disappearing from sight when required for the great V.O.C ?s trial. There are also other complaints where Mr. KV was so upset about Bharathi was promoting Hindu feelings. I do not want to answer each

It is high time that Mr. KV must learn to look at history from a socio psychological perspective too. Mainly, he need to understand the social structure at that time when Bharathi lived. If he truly understands that with objective reasoning, he will not write calumny about a great soul who rendered wonderful poems and vision.

In the 1800 ?s and early 1900 ?s, a person born in a Brahmin family was expected to follow certain social norms and Bharathi was courageous to break the superstition and many of the religious or s ocial constraints. He raised the bar that helped the later social reformers to follow and move forward. His social consciousness was far supreme and his kind heart sang ? Karumbu thottathile ? for the ill treated laborers.

Regarding the great V.O.C ?s trial, Mr. KV need to understand that Bharathi was always on the British rulers wanted list and when there was no evidence and the person was not here to defend do not give assumptions. Also, Mr. KV need to read carefully about Bharathi ?s quote in Karma Yogi about Sathi. Bharathi, mentions that in future a women who righteously live will be considered great. He was not promoting Sathi. His reference to a past practice should not be manipulated and misinterprested. Mr. KV must read the poem ‘Madhar thammai izhivu seyyum madamaiyi koluthuvom ‘. Again, Mr. KV must understand the historical context and under which social conditions people live in each era. The pioneers and leaders who act as catalysts or trigger for a change process cannot deviate too much from the structure. They have to work within it to create a new social order.

Hence, Mr. KV need to to three things. 1. Learn to write objectively and do not be one sided 2. Do a thorough research on the subject including the socio economic and political structure under which that era ?s norms and social constraints affect a leader or the people. 3. Understand that social change is taking place every minute. The cumulative effect can be seen only after some time.

Mr. KV, to vent your anger or hurt feelings you may have for the Hindus, please do not denigrate whomever you can think of.


Sona M


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