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கடிதம் – ஆங்கிலம்

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following the debates between different folks.. Anti-Hindutvadi

Karpagavinayagam and Hindutvadis Aravindhan and Malarmannan if I am allowed

to use the term ‘Hindutvadi ‘..

I am interested in knowing the viewpoints of Karpagavinayagam on the

Viswanath temple demolition by Aurangazeb after the story about the Hindu

queen ‘s molestation was proved to be a hoax by Aravindan.. Maybe a link to

his rejoinder would be enough. I have not seen a reply on that issue (Maybe

I missed it..)

Also I have read his latest on debunking Barathi. While it is important to

do research on old heroes and figure out if they are really worth the

propaganda, I think ‘direct ‘ quotes from their works / teachings provide a

stronger proof than narrating hearsay stories like in the case of Viswanath


I am all for finding out the truth whether they be freedom fighters /

religious prophets..




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