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கடிதம் – ஆங்கிலம்

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With ref to the letters written by Thiru.KarpagaVinayagam and Thiru.Kundalakesi

Iam sharing my opinions below.

Thiru.Kundalakesi told that the person who is writing any incident he has to put the supporting documents for the incident, not others.(with ref. to Thiru.Malarmannan article)

if we need to send supportive documents for all the incidents(because what is gurantee that others will belive all incidents are true or not)

it is not at all possible in practical.

so far i have seen two times Thiru.Karpagavinayakam asked sorry for wrong information. I dont think Thiru.Malarmannan did the same.

Hence Thiru.Kundalakesi can ask Thiru.Karpagavinayakam to send supportive documents.

With ref. to the letter written by Thiru.Karpagavinayakam (Ambedkarin Madham kur itha sindhanaigal)

he has quoted that Vijayabharatham (Tamil National weekly) wrote in its thalaiyangam as follows ‘ Edhuvum adhan adhan idathil irukka veandum. Panippagarvin adippadaiyum idhudhaan ‘ with ref to the judgement given by Supreme court for the issue that non brahims can come as archagar if they are capable

if he able to quote the wordings written by Vijayabharatham why can ‘t he give the supportive details of vijayabharatham. atleast date and year.

I belive Vijayabharatham will not write in that way.Can Thiru.Karpagavinayagam give me the details.

I feel Thiru.Karpagavinayagam is loosing his credebility.




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