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கடிதம் – ஆங்கிலம்

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Dear Editor,

I am thanking you from my heart of hearts for clearing the confusion about Sri.MalarMannan ‘s continuity in Thinnai. As you have rightly mentioned, the D.K writer Sri.Karpaga Vinayagam was indulging in personal abuse. It may be an accepted practice in the Dravida Pasarai , but not among well-behaved and cultured like Sri.MalarMannan.

IMO, Karpaga Vinayagam is a rabble rouser and follows the tactics of Dravida Kazhagam. Please have an eye on him. If you see his writing carefully, that gentleman does not have creativity and originality. Most of the times, he keeps responding and issuing negativities to other ‘s writings.

I am once again thanking you profusely for freeing Sri. Malarmannan from the baseless charges.



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