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கடிதம் ( ஆங்கிலம் )

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Director Cheran ‘s Dhavamai dhavamirunthu is a good film to be watched. I don ‘t know how that govindarajan was able to find mistakes in that film. Probably he might have some political mindset to do so. Today, while PhD holders are running for jobs here and there, students who underwent teacher training and diplomas just after their schooling are better employed and well placed.Then why doubt ? I think that no tamil film in recent years portrayed the financial problem, a man or a family can experience it like cheran. Kudos to him. He has touched the real aspects or the hard realities of life in his film and has portrayed them well too. I did ‘nt watch, metti oli serial. So regarding this aspect, I can ‘t say anything. But generally people from rural background or mindset will not find fault with the film since it touches their real life experience in some manner fantastically. It is a film for striving people. Length can be a problem but not that much. I severely condemn Mr Govindarajan for taking the film lightly.



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