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நாகூர் ரூமியின் கருத்துகள் பற்றி (ஆங்கிலம்)

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ஒரு வாசகர்

Dear editor:

It was amusing to read Nagore Rumi ‘s impressions on

Ira. Murugan ‘s ‘Arasur Vamsam, ‘ enjoying dialogues and

lines involving sex. I could NOT avoid being reminded

of having read the very same Rumi commenting adversely

on similar dialogues and lines in Salma ‘s

novel, ‘Rendaam Jaama… ‘

My poor intelligence is unable to grasp how a person

could react differently while dealing with the same

aspect arising out of two different persons. Is it

because Murugan is a male and Salma is a female ? And

does he think only men have the authority to write on

those lines ? And if I extend my musings further, as

Rumi has oflate been a pious religious person writing

on the theology and jurispudence of his religion wants

to keep the mouth of the women of his faith shut,

similar to their moving out in veil ?


One of Your Readers.

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