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24-வது ஐரோப்பியத் தமிழ்ப் பெண்கள் சந்திப்பு

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The 24th European Tamil Women ‘s Meeting

The 24th European Tamil women ‘s Meeting is to be held in London on the 15 & 16th of October 2005.

The history of this event commenced in 1990 in Germany, as Tamil women refugees in Europe were interested in promoting women ‘s arts, creative writings and discussions and debates about their struggles, and the challenges they were facing in their lives.

The key founding members from Germany were Mallika, Uma, Devika, Mankai supported by others such as Niruba.

For the last fifteen years, Tamil women from Europe have held 19 meetings in various German cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruke, Herne, Duisberg, Wuttertal, Essen, Neuss, Frankfurt, Muhlheim and Bonn. with two further meetings Paris, and another two in Zurich, Switerzland.

Activists like Uma, Ranji, Inba, Niruba, Devika,Deva, Luxmi, Thayanithi and Vijy, are not only the organisers of the meetings but were also the producers of the women ‘s meeting magazines, and have produced eight publications. These magazines have historical importance because Tamil women refugees voiced their experiences in Europe through their writings in these magazines. Gradually, this magazine became the voice for Tamil women from all over the Tamil-speaking world.

Most of the activists in this group are feminists with different social and political backgrounds. They campaign for women ‘s right in Tamil society. Over the years, the forum has met many obstacles. But some women are determined to continue their work to organise meetings and produce the magazines.

They are,

Ranji-Co Editor ‘Oodaru ‘,, Switzerland, Vijy-Co Editor ‘Exile ‘ Oodaru, Paris, Luxmi-Co Editor ‘Uyir Nizalkal ‘ Paris, Rajes Bala-Writer, London.

.From Germany, Uma,Co editor “Thenee”, “Ootha” . Ranjini, Niruba,Inba- Co Editors “Ootha” and Deva-co editor “Oodaru”,

Thayanithi, Editor “Sakthi” from Norway.

This forum has invited many progressive Tamil woman from India, Australia Canada and Sri Lanka as guest speakers. They were writers, poets, political activists, women ‘s organisation workers, lawyers, lecturers, and hard working homemakers. They were:-

From India, Sivakami (Editor ‘Kodanki ‘, South India), Bhama (Writer), Anubaama (French Science Institue-Pondicheri, India)

From Sri Lanka, Mangaleswary (Lawyer, women ‘s rights activist ‘Sooriya ‘ women ‘s Organisation Batticaloa, Sri Lanka), Ruwanthi, kumudhini Rosa, Sinhalese Human right Campaingers)

From Canada, Emi Immanuel, activist

From Australia, Bamathy, Poet

From London, Rajes Bala, Writer, Human right Campaigner,Arunthathi Retnaraj, Artist.

This meeting is open to any woman who speaks Tamil and we welcome you all to come and participate.

Please send your articles before end of September 2005, which will be read it at the meeting and will be published in next years Magazine.

We are expecting participants from Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Holland and the United Kingdom.

The 24th European Tamil women Meeting in London will cover:

– Women and health

– The Effect of Tsunami for women and children,

– The struggle of women plantation workers (tea, coffee and rubber) in Sri Lanka

Social and political changes and Muslim women

– Portrayal of Women oppression in Tamil literature

– The Portrayal of women in contemporary Indian Tamil Cinema

– Tamil women and stage drama

– Domestic violence and women and children

– Woman and Politics.

– Sexuality and women

-The social changes and women in Tamil community

There will also be dance, plays and an exhibition of Tamil women ‘s arts and a short Film show.

The speakers will be doctors, writers, poets, women right activist, artists etc.

The Venue: Sivayogam Hall, Muthumariamman Temple, 180-186, Upper Tooting Rd, London SW 17.

Entrance fee: ீ5.00 per day per woman from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Lunch and refreshment will be provided.

For further Information, please Contact:

Ms Rajes Bala,


47. Norman Avenue,

London N 22 5ES



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