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சிம்ஃபனியில் திருவாசகம்

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Anbulla NJ Tamil Makkale,

I am writing this email to request your assitance in spreading the word about a grand musical project that Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja has embarked upon called ‘Thiruvasakam in Symphony ‘. In this project selected verses of Thiruvasakam will be set to tune with a Symphony orchestral backing. The main objective of this project is to bring to the attention of the mainstream especially the youth, forgotten spiritual masterpieces such as the Thiruvasakam.

One of the goals is to keep this project as non-commercial as possible in the production stages and with the participation of as many people as possible. Thiruvasakam in Symphony is therefore being done as a publicly funded project.

For more information and to donate to this project visit http://www.tis-usa.com.

Could you please post this message on your yahoogroup, and spread the word about this noble project.


Vijay Srinivasn



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