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கடிதங்கள் – ஆங்கிலம் (ஜனவரி 15,2004)

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பரதேசி – ஜில்லு

Dear Editor,

I read about Jeyamohan ‘s response (Avadhoorugal thodatha idam) in Thinnai

(9th Jan 2004). On the one hand I was very unhappy about the way Jeyamohan

was treated and on the other I am happy that he, at last, had spoken out his

feelings. Writers like Jeyamohan deserve a lot of respect and need to be

treated with dignity and honour even whilst criticising their works. This,

in fact, holds good for all writers/reviewers: both seniors (veterans) and

juniors; newcomers and experienced. My heart goes out to Jeyamohan and I

feel for all contemporary Tamizh writers and our literary community. I am

also extremely disappointed that he had stopped writing about Pathanchali

Yoga Suthra in the name of Vivekan. Please insist him to continue to write

on that.

Lack of resources, opportunities to do some good work, very low financial

reward (sometimes negative), etc., are the main causes of so much

resentment, fighting, blasphemy among the best writers in the current world

of Tamizh literature. There is too much of competition for a too smaller

pie. We need to enlarge the pie (of good literary work and good financial

rewards/equitable opportunities) and create multitude of opportunities and

avenues for both existing and new talents for nurturing excellence in Tamizh

literature. What is the best way to do this ? How to harness readers ‘,

governments ‘ and private sectors ‘ resources to launch, sustain, and expand

such initiatives ? Can ‘t we create an apolitical and scholarly institution

with funding inputs from all to encourage, nurture, and progress high

quality writings in Tamizh literature ? Could you please solicit some

discussions on these issues ?

As an aside, please put a strong embargo on personal attacks on authors,

whether it is targeted towards Jeyamohan, Kumar, or Sundhara Ramasamy, or

Kannan, or Jeyakanthan or Sankarapondy or Gnani. Nobody should be permitted

to wage any comment/criticism on authors ‘ personal life, family, income

sources, even their professional/personal integrity. Whither is our personal

decency and decorum ? Please just criticise their works/opinions/logic and

works/opinions/logic alone. Whilst doing that also, we should follow

certain codes of conduct as to choices of language, words, etc. It has been

very disgusting to see some of our best writers clinching each others ‘

throats and calling names, verbally abusing each other ‘s families. Our

Tamizh samudhayam shouldn ‘t be stooping down to this extent and perishing

down this way. This is not a healthy situation. Therefore, I request

Kannan (Su.Ra ‘s son because I love Su.Ra my Pithaji saman writer) to

initiate by lending a hand of friendship and reconciliation to Jeyamohan and

Kumar and to all previously writing writers in Kalachuvadu and vice versa

and let them resume their contributions in Kalachuvadu. The same request I

would like to appeal to Maalan to put behind all difference of opinions with

Jeyamohan and promote his writings in popular magazines. Please, I beg I beg

to all writers and readers to appeal to your favourite writers/influential

readers to initiate this chain of friendship and mutual respect for one and

all. One thing we should all remember in literature: Excellence in

literature can only be nurtured and sustained not by slandering bad works

(you ‘re in turn giving publicity to it), but only by encouraging/promoting

good works, good writers, even if they happen to be our fiercest opponents.

As Tamizh literature loving people, we are the minority of the minorities in

the world and we shouldn ‘t let ourselves perish by squabbling with one

another. Please kindly circulate my email to all concerned writers

revealing my full identity and contact details. After possible editing,

please publish my letter in thinnai (if found suitable) in the name of:

Paradhesi, Perth, Western Australia

Thanks very much for your service,


Venkatesan N

128 Goodwood Way

Canning Vale

Western Australia 6155

Tel: +61-8-94562364

Email: V.Swamy@curtin.edu.au

This writer is completely off her rocking chair.

She/He says the Hey Ram ‘should ‘ have been a voice against Hindutva. Who is she to decide that ? Did Kamal ever tell her that it will be ?

Kamal has always openely admired Raja and claimed him a friend and a genius. Isn ‘t Raja an ‘untouchable ‘ ? She loudly proclaims that Kamal has no ‘untouchable ‘ friends. Does she know all of Kamal ‘s friends ?

Is Kamal supposed to not like Sundara Ramasamy and Rajanarayanan simply because they are Brahmins ?

Is Gnanakooththan the Brahmin the only one to ever write about Kamal ‘s acting ? The white dude at the Toronto Film Festival wrote that Kamal is one of the three best actors in the world today ? Is the white dude a Brahmin too ?

She talks about a mariad of ‘caste politics ‘ issues and says there is no way for Kamal to know these things since he does not ‘belong to them ‘ ie he is not a ‘kramaththaan ‘.

Then later on she bashes Kamal, a native of Paramakudy, for ‘pretending ‘ not to know them. Is she dillusional ?

She implies Kamal is Brahminical and is racist towards other casts. In essnece, I think it is she who is Racist. Seems to me, she hates Kamal simply because he is a Brahmin by birth.

A provocative way for kuzalini to get publicity, it ‘s better these people like kuzhalini do something good to the society with their writing than bash the famous for getting attention.

Has she ever mentioned to the good things his narpani manram is doing or donating his body for medical research ?

Why she forgot all these things ?

I think Kuzalini is highly biased and impartial.

Dear Kuzhalini – Use your writing talents to expose the darker side of various sufferings rather than bashing good people to get publicity.

Thank you.



PS – Sorry i dont have tamil fonts, hence i had to write in english.

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